Pre-Flight Checklist: What Your Insurer Wants You to Check

Think of a pre-flight checklist like a mini insurance policy for each flight. By taking a few minutes for careful checks, you’re not only improving safety but also making a potential insurance claim much smoother. Your insurer is looking for evidence of due diligence, so let’s break down what matters most.

The Essential Checklist:

Adjust this based on your specific drone model and operation, but here are the key areas to cover:

• Drone Condition:•
Propellers: No cracks, chips, or loose fittings.
Frame: No visible damage or structural weakness.
Motors: Spin freely, no unusual noises.
Battery: Securely connected, no swelling or damage.
Sensors/Payload: Cameras or other equipment properly attached.

• Controller and Device:•
Battery: Fully charged.
Antenna: Securely connected.
Control Sticks: Smooth movement.
Mobile Device (if used): App updated, strong signal.

• Weather and Airspace:•
Current Conditions: Check wind speed, visibility, and cloud cover.
Flight Restrictions: No NOTAMs or temporary flight restrictions (TFRs) in your area.
Obstacles: Identify power lines, trees, or other potential hazards.

• Flight Plan:•
Mission Objectives: Double-check what you intend to achieve.
Flight Path: Planned route within safe operating boundaries.
Emergency Procedures: Know what to do in case of lost connection or other issues.

Why Your Insurer Cares

A pre-flight checklist demonstrates to your insurer that:

• You prioritize safety:• This reduces their risk and can result in better rates for you.
• You take responsibility:• Proactive risk management is rewarded and will be looked at more closely as the industry evolves.
• Claims are less likely:• Following a checklist can prevent you from being sidelined and losing valuable time/money during your short season.

Beyond the Basics:

• Document Your Checks:• Log your checklist completion in an app or logbook.
• Know Your Policy:• Review what is and isn’t covered by your insurance.
• Tailor to Your Operations:• Add specific checks relevant to your type of drone or typical flight missions.

VT Insurance: Your Flight Safety Partner

At VT Insurance, we’re committed to helping you minimize risks. Let’s talk about how a pre-flight checklist, combined with the right insurance policy, can keep your agricultural drone operations safe and on budget.