Our Recommended Partners

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Rocoza Ag is a leading DJI agriculture drone dealer and a spray drone custom applicator located in Grinnell, Iowa. Mr. Rockwell founded Rocoza in July 2019 and has over 1000 hours of spraying crops with various models of DJI spray drones. As a DJI dealer Rocoza works with its customers to find the best equipment for their needs and helps them get the proper FAA exemptions to fly in the US. Visit their website to learn more or give them a call to get started.

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Talos Drones

At Talos Drones, we pride ourselves on offering our customers access to the latest and most advanced sprayer drone technology available, as well as the guidance and training needed to make the most of their investment. We believe that DJI sprayer drones are the future of modern agriculture and we are dedicated to empowering our customers with the tools and knowledge needed to take advantage of this exciting technology. Our commitment to exceptional customer service is at the heart of everything we do, and we strive to exceed our customers' expectations with every interaction. At Talos Drones, we are passionate about helping our customers protect their crops, increase yields, and drive the growth of the agricultural industry. We highly recommend VT insurance agency to all of our sprayer drone customers.

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Agri Spray Drones

Agri Spray Drones is the industry leader when it comes to aerial application drone distribution, service, and support. They are headquartered in Missouri and have an amazing team of experts ready to help educate and supply you with all your drone needs. Taylor Moreland founded Agri Spray Drones in 2019 with the farmer in mind, and a mission of "Empowering Rural America with New Opportunities." He has employed multiple sales reps around the U.S. that will help you get off the ground no matter where you live and has a full team of drone technicians and specialists to help get you started. Visit their website to learn more or give them a call to get started.

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AMERICA'S CROP SPRAYING DRONE & ROBOT EXPERTS. Established in 2009, HSE offers all of the best brands and services in one place. Our unbiased guidance, leasing, FAA solutions, industry-best training and Drone Protection Plans ensure our customers have everything they need to be successful. Expert Guidance for Epic Growth. Get in touch with our team and see the difference that experience makes.

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Farm-I-Tude is a strategic partner who is able to get you up and flying right away! They are an educational non-profit foundation who teaches you about the aerial application drone business. They offer many services which include flying legally, teaching operators how to properly run an aerial application drone business, and state of the art logbook software. Please give them a call to learn more!

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Pegasus Robotic

Pegasus Robotic Inc. is an agriculture solution provider seeking to improve crop yields and efficiency for American farmers. Through partnerships, on-farm research and testing, product/part distribution, service, education & training - Pegasus Robotic and its dealers are a reliable advocate and partner for farmers, retailers and service providers.